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Cutting Costs on Your Wedding Invitations

With rising energy prices driving up the cost of everything around us, many newly engaged couples are trying to come up with ways to budget their wedding. If a bride wants to invest more money into her wedding reception than the invitations, cost cutting becomes extremely important. Luckily, there are many options available that can help with saving some money when it comes to wedding invitations.

The Wedding Invitation Ensemble

One cost effective method for ordering your wedding invitations and enclosures is by purchasing a wedding ensemble. Many printers sell a number of their designs in ensembles, meaning you receive more than the wedding invitations. This is many a bride’s top choice at saving money and time.

In a typical wedding invitation ensemble, the wedding invitation, inner envelope, outer envelope, reception card, RSVP (Respond) card, and RSVP return envelope with the return address pre-printed are usually included. Often, the cost of all of these cards is equal to the price of just the wedding invitations when purchased as an ensemble.

Here are some type of invitations that come in ensembles: monogram wedding invitations; bow wedding invitations; modern wedding invitations; unique wedding invitations; ribbon wedding invitations, plus many more.

Printing Your Own Cards

If you have a high-quality computer printer at home, another option is to order blank card stock and print your own cards. This is only a cost effective method if your printer can print a number of pages before running out of ink. Printer ink can often exceed the cost of having basic invitations printed for you. If you can print your own invitations, the ink, paper, envelope, and mailing fees become your main concerns. The downfall to this option, however, is the time involved in designing and printing your invitations.

Handwriting Invitations

Handwriting your invitations is often inexpensive, though time consuming. You must know calligraphy or have exceptional handwriting for this to work, however. Another option is to hire a calligraphy artist. If you choose this option as a cost saving measure, watch that the artist is less expensive than having basic invitations printed out. In bigger cities, calligraphy artists are extremely expensive and not a good choice for watching your pennies.

Before hiring a calligrapher, ask to see samples of his or her work. Some are not as good as they state and their references often come from friends and family with different last names. It is completely acceptable to ask for multiple samples before agreeing to hire a calligrapher.

Did you know you can order wedding invitation in specific themes like beach wedding invitations, budget wedding invitations, fun wedding invitations, calla lilies wedding invitations, etc.

Email Invitations

Email is a trendy option for sending invitations, but it is also an option that goes against the rules of etiquette in most cases. If your wedding is informal, email invitations are acceptable. The email system, however, is not without its flaws. Sometimes, emails bounce due to spam or virus filters. Therefore, you may think everyone has received your wedding invitation when, in fact, they have not.

Telephone Invitations

Using the telephone to invite friends and family to wedding is not considered appropriate. Do not ever resort to this tactic, regardless of how much you want to save. Text messaging over a cell phone is also considered tacky and rude. Though it shouldn’t even be something that is mentioned out loud, many brides have tried to cut corners by using the phone for invitations. As a result, the invitation becomes tiresome, impersonal, and extremely easy to forget without a written reminder.

In the long run, creativity is often the best way to save money. Instead of going with a traditional invitation, think outside the box. Many brides have saved money by choosing alternatives that are less popular and therefore sale priced.


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