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Prepare for lift-off - JASON is going to Mars!


The mission of Mysteries of Earth and Mars is to learn more about these planets through comparison. Separated my millions of miles, Earth and Mars may seem very different. Yet they do have some things in common. Both planets have polar ice caps, volcanoes, canyons, and craters. Each has an atmosphere, weather, and seasons.


Although we know more about Mars now than at any time in the past, there are still many unanswered questions about our neighboring planet. Did liquid water ever exist on Mars? And if it did, could life have arisen on the planet? What can Earth’s geology tell us about the forces that shaped the Martian surface? Will humans ever be able to travel to Mars to investigate its mysteries first-hand?


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Come along on expedition Mysteries of Earth and Mars to explore these and other fascinating questions. Through hands-on activates and interaction with scientists, we’ll learn about space missions, Newton’s Laws of Motion, energy transfer, properties of water, geologic features and processes, rocks and minerals, the requirements for life, astrobiology, biosignatures, biotic and abiotic characteristics, and much, much more!

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