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The New JASON Project is HERE!

NEW: Mars Expedition

Introducing the New JASON Project Monster Storms

Earth’s most extreme weather. Students and teachers will team with leading scientists for an unforgettable “hurricane hunter” flight, chase tornadoes in Tornado Alley and probe the origins and dynamics of monster weather events.  

Based on current research from NOAA, NASA and National Geographic, students and their teachers will become part of the JASON exploration team and embark as researchers on a mission to understand weather, climate and extreme storm events:

Ø Hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms & lightning Ø  Weather dynamics and storm formation Ø Forecasting, warnings & safety precautions

Ø Extreme weather impact & human interaction

Ø Climate and global monitoring

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Become an Explorer...
Join the Monster Storms Pilot Team!


The mission of the MI JASON program is to create opportunities for Michigan teachers that will allow them, at an affordable cost a program that will spark the interest of their students in the fields of science and technology. Michigan businesses spend millions each year to educate their workforce. Our mission is to make sure that Michigan business’ have a qualified future workforce. We do this by creating partnerships with Michigan business leaders who see the need to provide every possible opportunity to students across the state ensuring them with the tools and technology to reach their goals.

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MI JASON Mentor Team Plan for Monster Storms Training

On September 30th, MI JASON will offer a day of professional development at Lamphere High School. MI JASON will not only introduce the NEW JASON Project and this year’s expedition, Monster Storms, but, we will also demonstrate ways of utilizing your Disappearing Wetlands curriculum. Giving our teachers the best of both expeditions. Click here to download the registration form for the September 30th training.

JASON addresses No Child Left Behind and the New Technology Plan with Real Scientists, Real Research and Real FUN for students and teachers!

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WJBK – FOX 2 – Meteorologist to Keynote September Training

Chief Meteorologist, Rich Luterman will keynote this years Monster Storm training. Rich reports the weather weekdays on FOX 2 News Morning. Luterman joined the station in June of 1997. The Michigan Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences honored Luterman in 2001 with the Science and Environment Emmy for the FOX 2 Xtra show on severe weather.

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Rep. Levin Urges EPA to Fund Great Lakes Restoration
On Dec 7, Rep. Levin sat down with the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Stephen Johnson, to urge that the Bush Administration provide new federal funding to restore the Great Lakes.
The National Geographic Society and the JASON Foundation for Education (JFE) (July 19, 2005) today announced that they have completed a reorganization in which the Society has assumed full stewardship of the JASON Foundation for Education.
JASON addresses the No Child Left Behind and New Technology Plan JASON addresses No Child Left Behind and the New Technology Plan with Real Scientists, Real Research and Real FUN for students and teachers!
What is a Student/Teacher Argonaut and How Do I Apply?
Each year, a small group of students are selected through an application process to serve as Student/Teacher Argonauts (named for the crew accompanying the mythological Greek hero JASON on his journeys).
EDS Michigan 2005 Tech Grant Winners
Krista Rushlow
Laura Kasper
Karl Balke
Terie Elbers and Teresa Karney
Brenda Purves

Congratulations to all!
MI JASON Recognizes Outstanding Teachers
MI JASON recognizes that it takes a very special teacher to truly prepare today’s student for the challenges of tomorrow. We would like to begin a monthly recognition of an outstanding MI JASON teacher.
JASON Webinars
Each week JASON will be conducting weekly Webinars. All you need is access to the Internet and your telephone.
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